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Default Re: Toying with the idea of moving stuff to Linux

I'm currently running x86_64 gentoo as main OS, and haven't had any problems. Using only 64bit firefox as I haven't found any real need for flash etc. though I have 32bit firefox installed just in case. And all video/audio files that would require win32codecs I just re-encode to xvid/mp3 with 32bit mencoder (avail from portage). As for compiling 32bit apps, gentoo still (I think) recommends 32bit chroot environment, however I have not doen so as all 32bit apps that I really need are avail from portage as is. I'm not familiar with slakware but you should be able to setup 32bit chroot with it too. I'm bit pro-gentoo and would recommend it to anyone that knows more about linux. It takes lot more work to set up but in turn you can customize it entirely to your needs.
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