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Originally posted by Smokey
So what does this show us? It doesnt matter if you have a low end cpu, you just need to have a top end ATI video card
And this is perfectly representative in games, for instance, in UT2003 I can have every top ingame graphics feature on max BUT I have to turn down Karma and use software sound as thats where I take a big performance hit.
There are few games I play where my fps isn't above 60fps for the most part, which is all I look for. My main game just now is Battlefield 1942, I have Vsync on and refresh set to 85Hz and my fps stays around the 85 mark expect where there's lots going on - then it can drop as low as mid 40's. (with max ingame graphics settings on + 4xAA/AF).
Same situation with RalliSport Challenge.

My upgrade path has been mainly graphics card rather than CPU - using the same CPU / mobo kit I had a Geforce 2GTS, upgraded to GF3Ti200 but sold it month later as there was no real difference, then upgraded to Ti4200 - the fps was much the same but I could turn on more graphics detail and thats really much the same with the 9700Pro - fps much the same but even more graphics detail.

Can't wait to buy that flight sim, it reminds me of my all time favourite "Aces over Europe" and "Aces over the Pacific". It had real close up dogfighting which I've not found on any recent Sim - the only other game I've found with that kind of close up dogfighting is Crimson Skies.
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