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Obviously Nvidia (once again) chose to make their comments at a rather awkard time, but as a whole I agree with what they are saying. I use 3dmark to verifiy that nothing has changed with my computer from the last test, as a way to insure everything is ok. Beyond that, I have never seen a corralation between better scores from new drivers, and actual games that play faster. In every case that 3dmark goes up, the games I play remain the same.

I can see where they are coming from, because being a slave to 3dmark when making new drivers is simply an ugly rat race to get into. When new drivers are developed, there purpose should be broad based, and if they only improve the score of a benchmark, then why spend the resources in the first place?

3dmark has gotten somewhat perverted, in the sence that it has become a overclockers heaven, where folks ramp their computers up to the limits, just to achieve the highest score. The reality is that these systems in that state wouldn't be able to give you more then 10 minuits of gameplay.

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