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Default idea...

What may help in this confused situation is another series of benchmark tests, this time with both cardz on an ordinary XP2000+ on a kt266a/kt333 mobo with un-optimized PC2100 RAM and AGP4X... Benchmark results for:


...should be posted and compared... Yes 3dMark2000 has relevance here because of its *other* algorythyms(sp) for fillrate and texturing... I'd almost go as far to say that an ideal set of test results would be an AVERAGE of the 3 tests for both cardz...

Games nowadays are still based in DX7 code... and now (finally) use quite a bit of DX8... And it's not known yet how well this card (or the ATI DX9 cardz) will perform in DX9-heavy games... It could be different than the first DX8 card, the GF3, which still can run heavy DX8 games without much problem (esp. on a smokin system)...

An average of those tests would benifit many, IMO. And runnin @ agp4X/266fsb would keep the cards churnin a little more, being less cpu dependant...

now, I'm only on my first cup o java yet, so if something's not relevant in this post, be a nice guy and just poke me with a stick... I don't have my flame suit on *tee hee*...


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