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I agree.

Since saturnotaku's not around at the moment, I'll go ahead and recite "The Script" in his absense: You can't FRAG with 3DMark!.

3DMark is something that I use once in blue moon just to get a general ballpark figure. I certainly as hell don't accept their scores as if it were gospel. It's a benchmark untility - not a game. Too many people, however, have a fetish for the darned thing and the moment they lose 200+ points, they're ready to pop a few Prozacs and check themselves into a damned 12-step program.

That's it - 3DMark buffs need their own official brick and mortar support group.

Let's call it "L33t|\|355 4|\|0|\|y|\|\0u5" (that's "Leetness Anonymous" for all you folks that require a translation - I'm not a leetspeek wiz by sense of the word so I probably butchered the hell of that attempt anyway).

I can see it now...

""'s Dave...I used to be supaleet..."


"Thanks...uh, I lost 748 points in 3DMark today and I'm depressed. Hey Carmack, pass me one of those Ativans and a Zoloft, too, bro!"

Good grief!
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