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This is definetely not a gamers benchmark. It's a videocard benchmark allright, so I think that's what they should call it. I have seen systems running with 1+ Ghz lower cpu speed than I and still outscoring me because their R9700PRO was clocked like 10 Mhz higher....

And a 1 Ghz P3 with a R9700PRO outscoring a 2.4+ Ghz P4 with a Ti4600 I know for sure which rig I'd rather play games on. It'll be interesting to see what the entire gaming community will end up thinking about this one.

Btw my score is 5436

.... and it doesn't change unless I change the speed on the R9700PRO. Even 600 Mhz less on the cpu hardly changed the score at all.....
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