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Originally posted by Nemesis77
Because scenes in MP had more overdraw than scenes in 3DMark? Because Kyro wasn't as good with polygons? There could be numerous reason. People are demanding that 3DMark must use real-life game-engine. It does. But now people are demanding that it must also use identical scenes than in some games?

The point is that the game-tests in 3DMark (Dragothic, Lobby, Race) could very well be from a "real" game. They are not "ungame"-like, they are like real games. And they are done using real game-engine. Of course there is variation

No thats not the point. The point is even thought they are game-like and using a game engine it still dose not even come close to real world perfromance and thats the whole issue here. I would really enjoy if they dropped all 4 of the game test and just posted the feature test scores with no weighing to them. Here we would get some detial info and not cry about xxx 3dmarks lost with yyy driver update.
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