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Default Mike's 3DMark Commentary


I agree with your ideas and beliefs on why 3dmarks is useful and why its not. However I don't really care for nV's change of heart on this issue. As you stated 3dmark has never been a good gauge for judging how well cards do in real games. But ask your self has it ever? Did it at some point fall from being super accurate to what it is today?

No it never has, never was and probably never will be. However in the past nV has never taken this stance. They as well as we knew that it was not the "gamers benchmark" but why did they not say something back for 3dmark2000? 20001? Why now? What really burns my bacon with their stance is that nV actively marketed and pushed their Performance analyzer which only went out an read the Orb data base and reported back which nV card the users should get. Then the sold this to companies like Westwood so they use that to recommend nV cards in their games (C&C:Renagade for example). Why is nV all of a sudden worried about the gamers benchmark?

I am sorry Mike but I wont cut them slack on this department. nV has always backed 3dmarks scores and now when the tech in 3dmark does not benefit them (for example 3dmark2003 using PS1.4 which nV dose not have native hardware support for), they get all hissy.
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