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Interesting...I have heard some decent things about the KDS displays.

Althought the size is obviously a factor, how has it been for gaming?

I think this is (duh!) the thing that's most difficult to put a finger on. With CRT's, if the display looks good on the desktop, you can pretty much figure the same will hold true when gaming. With LCD's, that's obviously totally untrue. I have seen many a LCD that looks fantastic on the desktop, only to totally suck when playing a game.

A very good thread(s) over @ ArsTechnica involves this very thing...LCD -> Gaming. As I continued to read as much as I could find on the net, it became utterly clear that there has really been a massively low amount of emphasis on LCD reviews. Anandtech has even stated this very thing, so I'm hopeful that the lowering cost will allow for more reviews.

The Toms's Hardware review was particularly bad simply because they used too many shotty LCD's, many of which are pretty old...
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