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Originally posted by MikeC
For what it's worth...

When I discussed 3DMark03 with NVIDIA, their main concern was with the method games 2 and 3 used to calculate shadows. They documented the program code used in 3DMark03 and discussed its inefficiency.
FYI both games 2/3 make the most use of PS1.4

But HardOCP offers a reason why the shadows are slower:

This test does use the stencil buffer to perform shadow volumes "kind of like" Doom]|[. However, its method is not exactly the best way to do things. Their algorithm is very redundant, there is a portion called “Skin Object in Vertex Shader” which basically does the exact same skinning calculations over and over for each object. It is an inefficiency that would not be translated to a real world game such as Doom]|[. Because of the way their algorithm works the vertex pipeline becomes a huge bottleneck.
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