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Let me put it this way...Almost everybody can understand nVidia's point. Hell, there have been a LOT of people expressing those exact same sentiments for years! Here's the problem...

The problem is that, all of a sudden, nVidia doesn't want to play by the rules. You can take virtually any of nVidia's key complaints about 3DMark2003, and apply it to 3DMarkxx. Why? It's utterly clear why. Because they are no longer THE high-performance leader, and they won't be for some time.

It's spoiled milk, and we all know it. So, when nVidia is no longer able to claim the performance crown, they decide to withdraw from the 3DMark team, and complain. Never voiced those concerns at all when 3DMark 99and 3DMark 2000 were doing similar tests. It's just totally lame, and we all know it.
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