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Default Re: Quak4 - Quake 4 tuning tool for NVIDIA G70/NV40/NV30 Series GPU's

Originally Posted by Mr. Nice
It's those ubiquitous (in both doom3 and quake4) floor gratings, they look fairly fugly with fp16 on (and that's on my 6800GT, ie NV40). Using short temps though is fine.
Hmm, it looks okay to me. I can't really tell much of a difference, if any, with just the fp16 enabled.

Doom 3 default...........Doom 3 using mod with just fp16 enabled

Doom 3 default...........Doom 3 using mod.......Doom 3 using mod, no fp16

Quake 4 default..........Quake 4 using mod with fp16 enabled

I compared several other areas in Quake 4 and Doom 3 and only two out of 8 places I compared looked worse. In those two cases it was mainly the specular option making an already poor looking grating easier to see. I don't really see a difference with the fp16 option but maybe things are different with the 7800s or something.
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