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Let me also add one more thing...

It's utterly insulting, IMHO, to see nVidia employees say things to the effect of...

"We would be much better off optimizing our drivers for actual games, rather than synthetic benchmarks."

I don't know who these guys are fooling, but it's certainly not me. nVidia rised to the top by doing that EXACT same thing...what the heck are they talking about? They have been tweaking their own drivers to sport significantly high Quake/3DMark numbers for years, and then using that data to demonstrate just how much performance their engineers could eek out of their drivers...

and then the PR guys would say, "This driver will yield some 40% increase."

Anyhow, this part of their response is the most laughable, IMHO. I mean, talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
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