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Originally posted by creedamd
break them down and show that they are illogical and biased. Don't slam this guy without argument.
You are correct on two levels, one I should not have said it b/c there was no point, and 2 one should state their reasons if they are going to make such a claim, however I have seen so many people arguing with him before there is no point, it is like arguing with a brick wall it will simply not move, even if you are very persuasive. In any case I will refrain from such useless comments, but I would appreciate it if others did not try to incite arguments needlessly.

Any synthetic application is by definition not a marker of how games will perform. All of these benchmarks get way to much attention, and they really do not indiacate enough of reality to merit it. Luckily all sites use real games as well, but I still believe that the usefulness of these benchmarks is overated.

I just bought a 9500 pro and am happy with it, so I am not just an nvidiot, but I still do not see the purpose of comments that are so needlessly rude, and pointless.

Originally posted by Hellbinder
Its pretty sad, Now they are slamming flight simulators..

I could counter every single one of their arguments, but the outrigth absurdity of these comments is readily apparent to any honest person. What is really sad are all the comments i have read at futuremark message boards about how Nvidia has a point...

Ill tell you why. Becuase Nvidia are a bunch of deciefull LIARS. PS 1.2/1.3 dont affect performance AT ALL. You dont get any performance gain over PS 1.1 which is why is does not make any sense to use them. and nearly no one does. Wheras PS 1.4 is a subset of PS 2.0 and basically Cuts the numer of passes needed to render compaitable scenes by 1/2.

Yet another patently Unethical and decietfull move by Nvidia.
Neither ATI or Nvidia are run by the devil, or angels they are both companies that try to profit, the were both involved in fraudulent activity or at least their employees were. They both overhype their cards and often deliver lack luster products in proportion to the PR. Nvidia's point about the FS made perfect sense, the scene is useless, the "games" are horribly done, kind of like the trash that some developers do truly put out, but not any good ones. The Unreal2k2 engine and DOOM3 will be so diferent from the fake games that the fake games are irrelevant.

Sure it has some uses but not as many as the people who make it (who are just a company trying to make money) would have you believe.
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