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Default Re: What amps are needed for a 6800GT

the least you can try is change your PSU and check. i see you have a nf3 mobo. SO i think you should try these.
AGP rate set to 4x. check your games.
Try overcloking your card by 20 mhz on core and 40 on memory.
if doesnt solve, then try underclocking in the same proportion.
FastWrites off. Sideband adressing oFF. again try.
Use Driver version 66.93whql (most stable driver ever).
none work RMA your card. still doesnt work, Get a mobo with VIA chipset.

If you feel trying these things is stupid, have a look at the thread on nf3+6800GT stuttering solutions. this is just a collection of those suggestions.

EDIT: if you can borrow a Better PSU from someone you knw to test, it would save your cash.
Same abt the mobo, try your card on a friends mobo n check.
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