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Originally posted by Solomon
Isn't this sort of ironic. Considering ATi and their Quake3.exe debacle in the drivers. How everyone harped on them for this cheating bit. Now it seems that people are coming out of the wood work saying that Nvidia did indeed optimize drivers for the synthetic benchmark when before all of this no one really wanted to say such words. Now it seems people can't get enough of saying that Nvidia is mad because their drivers aren't optimized or what not for a specific benchmark.

It's weird. First Nvidia users wouldn't admit that Nvidia was indeed doing that. Now that this has happened you can't get enough of them saying that they are mad because their optimizations aren't happening right or what not.

It's like the Twilight Zone!

D. Solomon Jr.
You're misunderstanding what people's problem was with the Quack3 issue.

One way that graphics card vendors optimize their drivers for games is to watch the OpenGL or Direct3D calls that the game makes, and optimize those calls or combinations of calls within the driver. This is a legitimate thing to do. Any optimizations done here will benefit ALL programs that make those API calls.

However, what ATI did was watch for a specific game instead of specific API function calls, and then they actually lowered the image quality some to gain additional speed.

This is cheating in 2 ways: 1) Those optimizations won't apply to ANY OTHER GAME. If you're not playing Quake3, then the time they spent doing that work was wasted on you. 2) They're not really optimizations....they're image quality reduction. It's a totally different thing.

-- Zeno
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