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Default Re: HDTV support - computer to HDTV set

I can't believe this. I just bought ATI's DVI-HDTV converter. When I set it up to my television, I couldn't read anything but huge print in 1080i mode. I sent ATI an e-mail about this and got an automated response telling me to reinstall the drivers. Then, I sent another response detailing the problem, complaining that the first response didn't address any of the issues I outlined. Then, I got the exact same e-mail in response! I called up their customer care, was on hold for twenty minutes (listening to how I should hang up and reinstall the drivers after visiting their web site), then finally spoke to a man who told me that at 1080i, you can't read small print. I asked him why I could when viewing HD broadcasts. He hemmed and hawed for a bit, sputtering out nonsense, then circumspectly told me that the adapter doesn't really support 1080i. He said that it only supports a 'fake 1080i.' I asked him to send me an e-mail stating that. He refused. Then I asked for his name and customer ID number and he hung up on me. I highly recommend not buying this product. I additionally hope no one viewing this ever has the misfortune of dealing with ATI customer service. Infuriating.
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