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Default Re: Lost Coast -- Release is Imminent

Originally Posted by $n][pErMan
Aftermath is only going to be 2-3hours of play?!?! Better only cost like $6 or something. I could get more out of a movie....
Yeah no kidding. This is one reason why I don't really like valve that much. They keep their fans waiting with baited breath for a long ass time for something that they always promise to be coming "really soon," and when it shows up way later than they say, it turns out to be much less than you would otherwise have expected. Granted this one is free, but even their games that they charge money for do this. (CS:CZ is the best example)

And now aftermath is only 2-3 hours? I'm sorry, but somebody has to say it: that is assanine. Especially if it is going to take them over a year to produce that two-three hours worth of content.
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