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Default X lockup, 4 head OpenGL

(console error is printed when the lockup happens: "Disabling IRQ #66" )

I'm running two 6600 GT PCIe graphics cards in an ABIT NI8-SLI motherboard. The motherboard is set in "sli mode" (8 pcie lanes per card), but the cards are *not* connected with the SLI connector.

X is running with 4 independent monitors, not with xinerama or twinview or anything.

Kernel is:
Linux renderbox #3 SMP Tue Oct 25 23:17:27 EDT 2005 i686 GNU/Linux
(using dual core P4 processor)

OpenGL works on all displays, but when I simulatenously run intensive OGL apps (glxgears in non-fullscreen mode doesn't seem to cause problems) on two displays of the same card the machine will lock up or at least get into a very unresponsive state. If I can successfully kill the apps, X doesn't work. Killing and restarting X doesn't fix things either (not fully, anyway).

1. If I run the openGL apps on outputs of separate cards, no problem.
2. If I *remove* one of the cards, and run on the two outputs of the singe card, no problems.

I tried attaching the bug report...problems with the interface..not sure.

get it here:

Any help appreciated. I'm about to go crazy.

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