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Default Re: 81.85 = Death on 6800GT

Originally Posted by AJCrowley
Yeah, I used system restore to roll back about a week. I normally disable system restore when I reformat, but I must have overlooked it this time, which was a stroke of luck.

Before the rollback, I'd tried uninstalling/reinstalling various codecs, editing codec settings in the registry etc, all with no luck.
I have a very similar set up to yours (XFX 6800GT AGP),
but i didn't have any of the problems you've mentioned, and my machine is Oced (Card at 415/1115).

One thing though, if you have any problems with video playback, don't mess around with codecs, it only makes the problem worse.
I use an open source video player caleld VideoLan - that can play anything you throw at him, without any external codecs!

It's highly recomended and you can find it here:

cheers, and good luck!
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