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You're misunderstanding what people's problem was with the Quack3 issue.

One way that graphics card vendors optimize their drivers for games is to watch the OpenGL or Direct3D calls that the game makes, and optimize those calls or combinations of calls within the driver. This is a legitimate thing to do. Any optimizations done here will benefit ALL programs that make those API calls.

However, what ATI did was watch for a specific game instead of specific API function calls, and then they actually lowered the image quality some to gain additional speed.
This statement is really Nieve.

All video card drivers detect certain apps or function calls used by specific apps. Just like the recent Nvidia splash screen 3dmark score *debacle*

I am SICK of this bull**** spin you guys put on that quake issue. Ati came out publically and stated that Yes there are game specific optimizations, and yes it was a bug. The bottom line is it only affected 5 total textures in the game, affected the score by 5 FPS and lasted a total of 2 weeks before it was fixed.

Need i bring up the Nvidia 40.41 dets? or any of the other Driver false starts that were conveniently released only to benchmark sites just prior to other companies product releases, but never released to the public? how they only affected a few programs but adversly affected the majority of other sofware???

And you guys CONSTANTLY blow all the unethical **** Nvidia does off, and shout the *quak* issue from the rooftops. Well tht stops here and now. Its bull****.
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