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Game play is what matters when you get right down to it, most of us have known for awhile now that video drivers are optimized not only for games, usually they make damn sure that the drivers are optimized for peak performance with most popular benchmark programs. I've noticed none to no change in gameplay from the last 9 or 10 Det's I've installed, 3dmark usually increased though. Got to have the latest and "greatest" though, and hell running the benches and trying new drivers is fun to me. Now the most popular bechmark prog is all new and makes your system look really slow in points value (remember this happening when 3dMark2001 replaced the 2oo version?) so you can get that "my system is inferior" complex and run for new upgrades (which is also fun) and get the cash flowing. That's the way its always been and as long as techology advances, I know I'll be chasing it. Most of us NvNews members are members for that reason. anyway, thank you Muke for the best video card site (and tech news) around IMO. Nv news rules!
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