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Default ASUS N6600GT 128mb

Hi All,

I got my NEW ASUS N6600GT card. I unistall my old gfx card driver, i turn off my computer.. unplug it.. strap on my anti static cables... pull out the card.. Put in My new ASUS N6600GT 128mb Card. Start it up.. Operating system error.. computer will no longer start.. i run a repair off the windows xp pro service pack 2 cd.. and it doesnt fix it. I have to reinstall losing lots of important data in the process. Geeee Thanks ASUS so far im really stoked with your product. Ok now i have a brand new install of XP.. with service pack 2. Now it starts up.. great.. im getting somewhere... then i try to play a game... wow it wont start my computer stalls then turns itself off.. it does this five or six times.. finally the game works.. YAY!.. and it continues to work for every game. Then i turn it off.. later i power it up... try a game.. it stalls and crashes.. five reboots later it works.. WTF.. and yes i have the molex connector connected by the way. OK.. ive also got the latest drivers and it still does it.. Funny thing is my mate just got one too.. it did the same.. wrecked his O/S now crashes on evey game saying.. There was an error ...

After starting up my computer 5 times a day for the last 2 months ive reached the final straw so i came here. I have tried talking to people on the ASUS forums but ASUS just ignores me.

Im hoping someone hear can provide a reolution to this rpoblem or at least explain why its doing this.

here are my specs:

Pentium 4 1600mhz processor
512mb of ram
60gb Hardrive.
VERY DODGY ASUS GT6600 128mb gfx card.

My mates computer which does exactly the same thing is:

AMD Athlon 2400+
1 Gb of DDR Ram
80 Gb Hardrive
VERY DODGY ASUS GT6600 128mb gfx card.
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