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Thumbs up New FEAR SLI Profile

Since the built-in profile was producing some bugs & very poor Softshadows (SS) performance i had sometime messing up with the SLI settings to come up with a better profile than nVIDIA's own SLI profile! yes thats right & i tested it for sometime along with other members (thanks OWA & White|Mute).

the SLI value is : "2400801" (AFR2)

with this value expect :
1) Decent improvement without SS. (i got around 11% increase)
2) Huge improvment in performance with SS enabled (i got about ~150%!)
apperantly SLI didnt work with that built-in profile .. it even ran slower than single GPU.
3) Flickering white line can be seen sometimes in the middle of the screen due to SFR mode. Fixed!
4) I've noticed some slowdowns with intense shooting in slow-mo. Fixed!
(some users might think its usuall .. FYI no its not!! its an SLI bug)
5) Shooting through waters produce a very low framerates . Fixed!
(thats another SLI bug .. for exmaple it dosent happen in single GPU mode)

it worked flawlessly for me except for some jerkiness in the main menu , but thats it. its experimental profile afterall & some people might come up with even a better one
for the time being though i recommend it for every SLI user.

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