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NVIDIA optimized it drivers for the techniques that were specifically being used inside 3DMark03. Any game that uses those techniques will benefit from their changes.

So in theory, NV's changes could have far reaching effects that benefit the community at large where ATI's did not.

NV's argument here is that the changes they made in their driver benefit no one, as the techniques being used inside 3Dmark03 are not indicative of any game that we will see now or likely see in the future. They "won" the benchmark with their GFFX and they still don't like the benchmark.

It's only like the Twilight Zone if you don't understand what you are looking at.
Bull**** Kyle.

Again for the same reasons I stated above. I am SICK of you guys playing favroties all the time. Enough is enough. You do everything with one eye open. Even if the Quak thing was a cheat, it is only one case out of the DOZENS of times Nvidia has pulled driver bull**** with fake launches, tweaks that only affect benchgmark apps etc etc etc. Besides which there is no doubt that they are outright CHEATING in some game benchmarks. or dont you fintd it odd that the GF4 has a higher score in SS:SE with 4x FSAA and 8x AF than the 9700pro. Or look at Quake benchmarks. The ones that use the 1.17demo to test score considerably higher than what is seen with the full retail release.

As For 3dmark03
They use vertex shader 1.1 routines 36 times. are you actually going to say that Simple Vertex shader 1.1 routines are NOT going to be used in future games? We are not in the future yet Kyle now are we. What you have allowed yourself to do AGAIN is be bought lock stock and barrel by Nvidia.

What you have done is embrase NVIDIAS view of the future of games and how THEY want games to be programed to support THEIR hardware better than everyone elses. You better step back and think a little deeper about what you are embrasing, and the road you are going down with this.

Are you really prepared to say that Nvidia has a lock on how future games will be coded? Further they are complete hypocrites. The Entire direction game design and coding is going is TOWARD single-textured Shader Rich designs. This has been getting pushed by ATi, Nvidia and Dx9. It is common knowledge. 3dmark is made to show ralative game performance in FUTURE games. Thus lots of single textureing. Lots of DX8.1 Vertex shaders, lots of PS 1.1 and 1.4.. and some DX9 code starting to appear. How can any HONEST person argue agaisnt that?

Futuremark is not supposed to show performance on CURRENT games. not at all. That is so self apparant its not even funny.

I am sick of the utter hypocracy. Will people ever stop allowign themselves to be brainwashed by Nvidias Cleverly worded PR spins?

Its not looking like it.
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