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Default Re: *** Official Lost Coast Feedback Thread ***

Originally Posted by saturnotaku
Well, that was....pointless. You're right, it took all of about 20 minutes. Would have been 15 had I actually figured out sooner how to take that big gun out.

Yah, I emptied my bazooka at it before saying to myself, hang on, it says don't stick your willy in that slot

With full HDR, this 6600 I'm testing was able to pull at least 30 fps at 1024x768, no AA/4x AF. Not too shabby for a $100 card.
I decided to go 12x10 with 4x/8x and it chugged in the cathedral but remained relatively playable in other areas. In the cathedral I dropped at some points to about 15fps but otherwise it was usually upto about 30 or so.

10x7 played a lot smoother with same settings.

And I didn't pay a penny for my card
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