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Default Re: *** Official Lost Coast Feedback Thread ***

wow. i just played through it. okay, the water is something else. i have never seen water look exactly like water before. besides that, it ran okay at 1280x1024 with 2Q and 8AF. i use vsync and there was a tiny slow down in one spot, which is normal cause vsync sometimes likes to b*tch. otjher than that, i felt it was a little short. but only cause i would have liked more commentary about stuff. it was neat haering their voices about how things are during game devolpment, and i wanted more of that.

alpha - i know what you mean about studdering. ine does a tiny bit. and fear ran a little slow too. what happened to to the days when devolpers were about breaking new ground in gameplay, and not focusing so much on technology? sure its pretty, but hl2 was pretty and it was a smooth playing game.
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