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Default Re: *** Official Lost Coast Feedback Thread ***

Wow, I can't believe how short that was. It wasn't even as long as a typical HL2 map, let alone episode (like it was originally billed to be). The puzzle was nice, but considering it's supposed to be a "professional" map, it seems ridiculous that it's about 1/4th of the length of a good user-made map like Minerva: Metastasis. Did they remove parts from it since it was originally shown or something? Also, I ran into that "frozen enemies after reload" bug which has been mentioned. The HDR was nice...but it seems like this map was made just so that they could show off the Source engine and get revenue from the links to buying videocards from Amazon that you get in the screen that pops up if you're below the minimum requirements (funny that it tells me my processor doesn't hit the 2.2ghz requirement, even though in benchmarks my CPU is faster than a 3ghz Pentium...).

I donno, I guess I expected too much. Considering the map has been in development for over 8 months, I just figured it would be longer. I just hope they pull through with their original plans to add HDR (or at least partial HDR) to the HL2 single-player campaign. I'd rather see the effect used in the full game rather than a 10-minute techdemo. But, eh, beggers can't be choosers, I suppose.
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