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Default Re: 81.85 = Death on 6800GT

Originally Posted by K-1
Well, just so other 6800GT owners don't get scared: i've been using the WHQL 81.85s since they came out, played lots of FEAR, Doom 3, Quake 4, CS and DOD Source, and Brothers in Arms: EiB. Not a single problem at all during all that gaming.
Is your card AGP or PCI-E?

Also a note with the VLC player. If you're running realtek onboard audio (had this happen on 650 and 850 on 3 different machines) and using nvidia drivers newer than 5.10 I recommend just using realtek's drivers. Latest version is 3.78. Otherwise the sound comes out at full blast and insanely distorted with VLC no matter what the volume settings are at. It hurts with headphones on, heh.
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