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Default Re: NVidia should STOP supporting Linux

Originally Posted by Dr_s99
hey have you tried ATI's drivers for linux? --

and second of all Nvidia drivers are are easier to install and perform better!
i have a ATI 9200se on my linux mechine and i'm too scared to install ATI drivers because i know they will mess up everything!
I have. I used to have Radeon 9700 and 9800 Pro until very recently. I no longer remember which version the first driver was (I think it was 2.8.x), but it was released only as RPM-package (for RedHat and Suse IIRC), which I had to convert to tar.gz with alien, unpack, some some files all over and compile the module. Then maybe about a year back I heard about this Flavio guy who had written a script to download, compile and package the stuff into Debian package. Natually I started using the script. Earlier this year ATI released this fancy installer first to compile and install the drivers and later updated the installer to create packages, including packages for Debian. I never tried the first generation of the installer, but the one creating Debian packages worked flawlessly. Of course you still had to configure your X manually, although modified xfreeconfig/xorgconfig (or whatever it was called) was provided.

Anyway, I think installing ATI's proprietary drivers never was problem -- but I do have to agree that having nVidia's drivers installed is easier than having ATI's stuff in place two years ago. At least for Debian. Right now I'd prefer having ATI's installer for nVidia as it can create packages. I'm sorry something went terribly wrong with ATI's installer for you. Did you file a bug report? (Not to mention that I have hard time believing installing the driver screwed the OS to the point where reinstalling was the only option.)
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