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I love you too man!

I'm just puzzled on why other opinions seem not to matter when Kyle Bennett speaks? I just never understood that. My ATi quake thing was only brought up to bring up something I've noticed. It was never taken as a factual spec about the whole quake.exe issue. It was just used in context to show that people did know about Nvidia optimizing for various benchmarks. Before it was like pulling teeth to try to get them to say it was so. That's all it was meant as. No can of worms was meant to be open out of that. If it was taken out of context then that wasn't the intention.

On regarding this whole Quake.exe issue. I agree it was showing that it was just for that specific game. It caused uglyness while increasing the frame rate. That's not right. O.k. I agree with that.

But why Kyle seems to lay the smack down on my various opinions/views regarding the issue is odd. I bring up valid points regarding it and then it's just pointing at me and saying, "Nice way to represent your site, blah blah blah!". It's odd that the points we brought up seemed to never been explored on more. Oh well. That's way way in the past.

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