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Default Re: ***Official Dell 2405W & 2005FPW Deals / Feedback Thread***

Originally Posted by Amuro
Yes, but the 2405 has 1:1 scaling, so if you can't run a game at the native resolution for whatever reason, you can always go back to 1600x1200, which gives you the same viewable space as a 20" fullscreen LCD. Other monitors like the 23" Cinema Display doesn't have this feature.
Does this mean you just have black bars down the sides when using 1600x1200? I've been wanting to get one but didn't like the thought of having to tweak so many games to run at the native resolution. If it can support 1600x1200 with just bars down the side, I'd probably just use that mode if the game didn't have support directly for 1900x1200. On the website they don't make mention of the scaling option.
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