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Default Re: 6800GT sli?

You can also buy a 6800GT PCI SLI ready from Ebay. YOu can get a new one from Ebay around $200... Oh , well, do the math:

1) Buy extra 6800 GT run SLI => Cost: $200 3DMark05: 9500
2) Buy one 7800GT and sell 6800 GT on Ebay
=> Cost: $299 (3D Fusion 7800GT cost around $299, so cheap!) -
$150 (selling your 6800 GT on ebay) = $149 3DMark05: 7100
3) Buy two 7800GT and sell your 6800GT =>
Cost: 299X2 - 150 = $448 3DMark05: 10800
4) Buy one Leadtek 7800GTX extreme and sell your 6800GT
COst: 500 (from ZipZoomFly) - 150 = $350 3DMark05: 9100 (over clock
it to very stable 532/1380)

In term of 3DMARK05 score gained per given dollar you will spend, the followings are the results:
Option 1: 47.5 points
Option2: 47.65 points
Option 3: 24 points
Option 4: 26 points

It seems if you just buy a 6800GT from Ebay and run SLI mode, you get your money worth. But if you consider to upgrade your rig in future, 1 7800GT
is your choice. But by that time, you may not be able to find any 7800GT from regular stores, you may need to go Ebay to get it. Or at that time, you just want to buy next generation card, it will cost you more money!

Decision is yours. I just give you all the data
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