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Originally posted by Solomon
Since Kyle is here. How about shedding light on picking which benchmarks to run for your FX review? Why didn't you use AA + AF during the Serious Sam results? I never understood that one. You seem to use AA+AF on other results you used? Seems to be you didn't use the AA+AF on Serious Sam because it showed that the ATi Radeon 9700 was leaps ahead of the FX. Only Anandtech seem to show that test result. Why was it left out on yours Mr. Kyle Bennet.

D. Solomon Jr.
I did the FX Preview so I should answer this question:

First of all keep in mind we were on an extremely tight time crunch, the whole preview was done in two days, we didn't have a lot of time to go in-depth.

I wanted to show at least one game where only AA was used so you could see how much turning on AA decreased performance on each card. Ideally we should have also done an AF only test as well, and done more then one game.
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