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Originally posted by Solomon
Since Kyle is here. How about shedding light on picking which benchmarks to run for your FX review? Why didn't you use AA + AF during the Serious Sam results? I never understood that one. You seem to use AA+AF on other results you used? Seems to be you didn't use the AA+AF on Serious Sam because it showed that the ATi Radeon 9700 was leaps ahead of the FX. Only Anandtech seem to show that test result. Why was it left out on yours Mr. Kyle Bennet.

The only reason why I brought up the ATi issue was that it seemed people would jump up saing ATi is optimizing for specifics. Now that people are finally saying that Nvidia was optimizing for benchmarks seemed ironic that before everyone was hush hush in saying that.

Pretty fast in judging me and my site just because my understanding of the ATi situation differs from you. You seemed pretty fast on slamming ATi about that quake.exe issue. You never seemed to mention that the quake.exe was in the drivers well before the ATi 8500 ever surfaced. You never seemed to mentioned it didn't affect the Radeon 64mb video card when it was implemented. You never seemed to mentioned that the drivers are universal base so how can you seriously have facts that it wasn't for the 64mb Radeon instead of the 8500 ? When it was known ATi fixed it in the next release. So in theory it was only in one release from ATi even though it was in months before in beta releases.

There are two sides of this quake.exe issue. Apparently it's your opinion that matters and there is no other side to it. To each his own.

D. Solomon Jr.
I have had posts deleted here due to them being off topic sooo....

If you would like to take this discussion to another thread in our forums as to keep thisone on topic, please mail me url so I can look into it. And my name is spelled "Bennett". You might pay more attention to detail and you should really let go of being upset that we will not post your links due to your OCZ affiliation.
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