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Default X takes up 188 MB of memory


I'm using the nvidia driver (version 1.0.2314) on the student PC's running Red Hat 7.3 at the university where I work.

When X is started, before I even log in, X uses 188 MB of memory. That is a bit too much, when the machines have only 256 MB RAM... On my colleagues PC he runs the standard Red Hat driver, and his X uses "only" 120 MB of RAM. That means that the Nvidia driver uses 68 MB more than the standard one.

My question is, is the nvidia driver supposed to take up that much memory?

I know I'm not using the newest version, but I imagine a newer one will just take up even more memory?

The Graphichs card I use is some Nvidia GeForce 2 thing, 2-3 years old.

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