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Please don't slander me with OCZ again. I haven't dealt or done any web work for OCZ in over a year and I would never do it again. Please stop referring me to being affiliated with OCZ as I'm not affiliated with them. Do you want me to fax you a copy of the papers from my Lawyer to prove this to you? Give a fax # and I would gladly fax you the papers. You don't see me pointing fingers saying you are in bed with BFG and VIA now do you? No... So please stop associating me with OCZ as I haven't dealt with them in over a year...

You are right this is way off topic. I'm just tired of being said I'm associated with OCZ. That was one year ago I broke off with them. So seriously. I haven't been associated with OCZ in over a year. Funny you mention OCZ. Futuremark seems to be advertising them.

Thank you.

D. Solomon Jr.

And this mad thing about you not posting are news? I don't know what you are talking about as we haven't had any news for anyone to post about. You're simply one site out of many out there. Seriously you're not even thought about.
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