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Originally posted by Solomon

Your review of graphics card is a pleasure to read. Can you provide some feedback of why you chose what benchmarks to represent the FX in the review? Did you run Serious Sam though with AF + AA enabled at the same time through out your usage? It just seemed odd how you ran Serious Sam with only one enabled and not both. I want to clear the air and say I'm not pointing fingers that Nvidia had some input of what benchmarks to only show. I wouldn't know... I was just wondering what conclusion you came too for showing the results that you did. Was it just merely time constraints and if you had more time would you have shown the AA+AF results on Serious Sam? It seems this games results with AA+AF enabled highly shows in favor of the Radeon 9700 Pro.

D. Solomon Jr.
I've shown SS2 in many of my 9700 Pro reviews with AA + AF, and would have done so as well in the GFFX Preview if time had permitted.

We did a lot of testing with AA and AF in UT2k3 in that preview, mostly because it is a very recent game and is played a lot right now.

We use AA + AF in every vid card review we do now I like my games to look good and perform good too!
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