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Originally posted by Smokey
Thats the problem, its not the same as all other versions of 3dmark, I have never ever had to run any benchmark or demo at 1FPS. When 3dmark2001 came out, I had an Athlon SlotA 700 + geforceDDR, and not once did anything go down to 1FPS in the 4 game tests, well 3 on my GFDDR.
Ditto... I ran 3dmark2001 on my P3 850/100 coppermine and I never had a single test drop down to 1-3fps. This ridiculous choppy mess is something new. I appreciate what the original poster was getting at and without a doubt as systems improve so will scores in this benchmark. But this one is real, real ugly (ugly=SLOW).

I'm not so sure we'll all be doing THAT much better with next year's hardware, or even the year after that. The way this thing performs on my system we'll need 10ghz P4's and Radeon 59000 pros before it runs truly smooth.
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