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seriously guys, don't you think this scores, although killing 6 month old vid cards, shows how much they evolved? I mean, it shows what can be done and what is going to be done. If you look at the first game scene from 3DMark2001 with the car thing, it actually compares to the UT2k3 graphics and if you got a chance to play it you know I am right. That bench showed me how poor performance my GF2MX had and made me buy my new 4200, and by that help games get closer to how they were supposed to look. Whoever bought R300 or going to buy GF FX knows it'll work with games like DOOM 3 on a decent frame rate.

So it doesnt really measures CPU right (I think, my score is about the same as other 1.4Ghz XP with R300) but it does give some kind of comparison. I also think that this guys dont just write a program and release it without knowing what they're talking about (sure know a hell of alot more than I do...).

anyways thats MHO.
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