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The Baron
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Ooh, Solomon vs. Kyle Pissing Match Part 2 (now that the Pelly thread is gone).

Sheesh, folks, grow up.

ANYWAY, moving right along...

Personally, I care about a few things:

a Doom3 benchmark when a semi-stable version is available (pssst, JC, you could charge for it and everyone would still buy it and Doom3)
UT2003/Unreal2 (don't know if you can benchmark with the latter, but I'd be curious to see--seems to be more video card intensive than UT2003)
Serious Sam: SE (good for AA and AF)
maybe a Kreed benchmark (when/if one is available)

Maybe there needs to be some standard way of compiling results from individual GAMES to make some sort of standard benchmark...

--edit--one more thing--3DMark should have some sort of community source review. then you can't stupidly question whether it's valid or not based on scores alone. still means they can sell it, they just have to give the source code away as well --/edit--
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