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I got 4700 on py P4 around @2.95GHz using Radeon 9700 Pro

I know I can get it to 5,000 with some overclocking to the video card but my mobo craps out and messes everything up...

but I am dissapointed not at the GF4 or the Radeon 9700, its that some benchmarks, i saw that not much effort was put in some things.. basically lazyness..some of the benches looked like crap..I was dissapointed to see even the best of all the Nature scene still not using a lot of DX9, i heard it uses a lot of stuff from DX8 and 8.1, if uses Pixel Shaders 2.0 then use them thru out the benchmark!! whats the point of not using them and using older ones if u know that the benchmark won't run anyway on older video cards...

that plane DX7 bench looked the best and it is a DX7 bench...
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