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Originally posted by Ratchet
What I'm concerned about is his nV-inspired "opinion" that 3DMark is worthless - it's not. Obviously the benchmark isn't going to tell you much about what current games may perform like (pervious version of 3DMark were never any good for current games either), but I really do think that it will give you a good idea of what future games will play like. That's just as important, if not more so, especially considering how much videocards cost these days - not everyone can afford to upgrade whenever a new game comes out.
isn't that the point? i'm not going to judge the validity of nvidia's statements, but they are saying that the benchmark game tests are not indicative of future games or future game performance.

it sounds like they were complaining about the implementation of the real time shadows; saying that it is poorly done and that future games will not have code like that.

i won't bother commenting on the flight simulator comment as i think it's rather ludicrous. a game is a game after all.
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