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Originally posted by Typedef Enum
Let me also add one more thing...

It's utterly insulting, IMHO, to see nVidia employees say things to the effect of

"We would be much better off optimizing our drivers for actual games, rather than synthetic benchmarks."......
Insulting?? why would that insult you, if nvidia actually went through with optimizing for games, you know, the thing that you actually spent big bucks on a card for, so you could play games with out tearing and lagging are less important than a baseline refernce tool that you run for 5 minutes? Piss on that, if ATI and Nvidia quit wasting resources on that crap (Yeah, we all know they both have been doing it for ever, THEY ARE BOTH GUILTY OF THE SAME THING! - not new news, and actually made my $300+ card play my $50-60 game better, I would be happy as hell knowing that I paid for game performance and not a stupid benchmark that isn't a game.

Originally posted by Typedef Enum
[b]I don't know who these guys are fooling, but it's certainly not me. nVidia rised to the top by doing that EXACT same thing...what the heck are they talking about?..[b]
Once again, duh, hello!, ATI, Nvdia, 3dfx, they all did it, ATI and Nvidia still do, you got to be blind to not see that, and to not see that us, the paying consumer is getting reamed in the wallet for the glorious synthetic benchmark, while that game still wont run right because their not important. Wow, that's what is insulting, above and beyond Nvidia or ATI taking turns saying the other cheated, meanwhile the paying consumer is hung out to dry!!! IMO of course, and I'm sorry if I offended you, I just think that we need to step back and look outside the box! We pay for the goods, we have the power of creating the demand for true perfomance and not "the hype", unfortunantly, we have fallen for just that.
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