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Default Re: 6800GT stuttering

Ok I tried many things (fastwrites off which helped but did not eliminate it, Blitering stettings, BIOS settings etc.) but some games just would not stop the stutter. (Civilaization IV was the latest one to have this problem)
I contacted Shuttle (The guys who I got my barebones hardware from) and a really cool tech sent me the email posted below of some beta drivers for my GeForce 6800GT. I installed the first one as he suggests and PROBLEM SOLVED!

I have 2 beta drivers you can try. Here are the links try 67.02 first.

Thank you

Rene De La Rosa
Technical Support
Shuttle Computer Group, Inc.
Tel: (626) 820-9000 ext. 702
Fax: (626)820-5060
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