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Default 3DMark05 Corrupt with a new Leadtek 6800 LE Pics

Hi could do with some help with my new Leadtek WinFast GeForce 6800 LE

I have just installed it in our kids system, run 3dmark05 Pro and when it gets to the Feature Tests Fill Rate – Single-Texturing Test it just corrupts and then locks up. All other tests are fine including multi-texturing, I have tried 3dmark03 Fill Rate – Single Texturing and its fine on that, also runs games including quake 4 fine.

This is on a fresh XP install, I have tried a few different drivers and reinstalled 3DMark05 but still its there.

The card hasn’t been overclocked or pipelines unlocked, haven’t had a Nvidia card in years, Have just downloaded the latest Beta ATI Tool and run artifact scanner for 1 hour and no errors.

I can stop it corrupting Single-Texturing Test in 05 by enabling Vsync in the nvidia control panel; it then runs that test perfect, does that make any sense to anyone

Maybe other Leadtek 6800 le owner could check that test with Vsync Off maybe its just a bug hopes.

I have posted this on another forum and someone else has posted with the same problem on a leadtek 6800 le

Thanks Whap
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