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Well, I just ran the 3DMark 2003 on both, my Radeon 9700pro & my Ti4600. I scored an OK 5145 with my 9700 and a disgusting 1689 with my Ti4600. Remember that right now the Ti4600 is Nvidias flagship with the GFFX canned. No wonder that Nvidia does not approve of the 3DMark03. It makes Nvidia look pitiful and it will for some time because ATI is advancing to their R350 next month and Nvidia can't even get off the ground. I hate to say it but Nvidia now has the same future as 3DFX had when it was trying to launch the 6000- none. Oh well, lets hope that the success of their Nforce2 chipset will keep their heads above water, but I think their Graphics devision is being reduced to lower end cards and no longer top performers like in the past. ATI will be having the top spot for quite a while, and actually that is not a bad thing since ATI has improved 110% with their drivers to produce a stable, fast card with excellent image quality.

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