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Originally posted by StealthHawk
the point is that while they could be games, they aren't games. as has already been pointed out, even the Max Payne game test in 3dmark2001 didn't reflect real world Max Payne performance. so it's obvious that either the engines being used are not indicative of games, or the scenes being portrayed are not examples of real world games. either way something should be done to rectify this.
It is not just about the scenes that are portrayed, but about how the engine itself is built. There are many different ways to get to a certain output, or, in more cases, a similar output.

As a quick example, the very early DOOM3 alpha builds, supposedly, run many times faster than the Game 2 and Game 3 tests.

Oh, and abb, it's only the Ultra that is going to reach limited availability. The non-Ultra should be widely-available. The entire GeForce4 line should be on its way out by around April-May (once the NV31/34 reach the market).
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