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Originally posted by Chalnoth
Oh, and abb, it's only the Ultra that is going to reach limited availability. The non-Ultra should be widely-available. The entire GeForce4 line should be on its way out by around April-May (once the NV31/34 reach the market).
It'd be extra-nice if nVidia finally moved a DX8+ class card down to the low-end mainstream level (one that still has decent performance, not the GF2 / GF4MX cards). Something like a Ti4200-8x. Unless of course, either NV31 or NV34 IS that card (I highly doubt they're going down that far with this core so soon, unless they've castrated one or both of those chips way more than rumors are saying- the MX cards have always lost quite a bit of feature support for whatever version of DX was out when they were launched, and I'd hate to see nV go the same way now. They really need cards all across the price spectrum if they want to compete with ATI, who is busily moving more fully featured cards into slots throughout the range.)
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