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Default BFg Geforce 6600 GT OC

Ok guys here is my problem. A couple of weeks ago y computer started to freeze about 5 minutes into a game. I would then get that dreaded audio repeat hiccup. I would then have to do a force reboot (yuck).

I noticed it does this in every game except Quake 4 in the most minimum settings.

I've tried updating, downgrading everything. The only thing I haven't done is take my pc apart to see what is causing it. I just recently bought a BFG geforce 6800 gt oc off the net, considering the fact that I love BFG and have loved my card until this problem started.

I have a reason to believe the problem lies in my video card because it was carried over from my older system which was always overheated. (70celcius) It had very poor air circulation, as opposed to my current one, with great circulation it runs at about 40 celcius.

MY PSU is a Deforce DP 368x-ld max output power 500w
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